When Is the Best Time for Heating Repair Service Jobs?

Posted on: 12 June 2020

If you suspect you need heating repair services, there are some seasons that are better to obtain those services than others. Here's an overview of potential challenges and benefits you'll find during various seasons when you need heating repair for your home or business. Winter—Emergency Heater Repair Some people believe this is the only time of year to consider heating repair. After all, you are using your heater practically every day and rely on it to keep your family warm and comfortable throughout the season.
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R-22 Phaseouts And Your Home Air Conditioner: Common Myths Debunked

Posted on: 29 May 2020

The home air conditioning system relies on a chemical refrigerant that makes it possible to drastically reduce the temperature of the air as it is funneled through the system. While there have been several types of refrigerants used throughout the years, one of the most commonly used has been R-22. The abbreviation R-22 stands for difluoromonochloromethane and is sometimes also referred to as chlorodifluoromethane or HCFC-22. Due to the fact that R-22 has been found to be damaging to the ozone layer, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) started the phaseout of this particular refrigerant as of 2020.
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Furnace Maintenance For A Gas And Electric Furnace Compared

Posted on: 7 May 2020

All types of furnaces need regular maintenance, but a gas furnace has special requirements due to the byproducts of combustion. Since heat is created with a flame, soot builds up inside the furnace and has to be cleaned off regularly. Here's a look at the differences between a gas and electric furnace and the types of maintenance they need. An Electric Furnace Uses Heating Elements An electric furnace creates heat by blowing air across a series of heating elements.
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How Warm Should Your Building Be During Winter?

Posted on: 31 March 2020

What's the best temperature for your business in winter? It depends on what you do and your financial goals. Here's how to figure out the best temperature and the most economical way to do it. What Will Keep Your Customers Comfortable? The first thing you should think about is what will suit your customers. This doesn't always mean toasty warm, though. People will often come in wearing jackets and sweaters that they won't take off, especially if you run a store where people quickly come and go.
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