4 AC Maintenance Tips For Winter Care While Preparing For Warm Spring Weather

Posted on: 27 November 2018


Even though you are not using the cooling in your home now, there is still some maintenance that needs to be done. You will want to make sure that winter weather does not cause damage to your AC system and check your system after storms. There is also maintenance that needs to be done to get ready from warmer weather. Here are some AC maintenance tips for winter care and to prepare for warm spring weather.

1. Prepare for Winter With Late Fall AC Maintenance to Protect Your System

You will want to prepare for winter with late fall maintenance with the last servicing of your AC and repairs to the system. When you live in an area with extreme cold weather, you will want to winterize your AC to protect it from damage in winter weather. This winterizing can include cleaning the outdoor unit and drain lines, as well as insulating and covering the unit.

2. Taking Care of Your AC Before and After A Winter Storm With Routine Maintenance

Taking care of your AC is something that needs to be done before and after winter storms. Before a winter storm arrives, you may want to cover the outdoor unit to protect it from snowfall and damage. Once the dangers of storms have passed, you will want to remove any covers, clean snowfall from around the unit, and do a visual inspection for any physical damage that the storm may have caused.

3. Dewinterizing AC Units to Get Ready to Prepare Them for Warm Spring Weather

Since many people choose to winterize their AC systems during the winter months, it is important to do the reverse during the spring. You will want to dewinterize your AC system be removing covers, insulation, and pipe drain stops, which you did during the late fall months to protect your system from the winter weather and cold.

4. Preparing Your AC System With Spring Servicing to Prevent Problems in Warm Weather

In the later spring months, you may want to have your system serviced to prepare for hot summer weather. Having a professional HVAC contractor inspect and service your system will help ensure that are no serious problems and that you do not have issues with your cooling when you need it most during the hot summer months.

These are some AC maintenance tips to help with winter care and preparing your cooling for warmer spring weather to arrive. If you want to ensure you are ready for another hot summer, contact an AC repair service like Weather Control Air Conditioning, Inc. for help.