One Long, Hot, Wet....September? How To Deal With The Strange Weather

Posted on: 15 September 2018


Look around the country. Wildfires are still raging in California. Hurricane Florence is wiping out parts of the Southeast Coast. The Midwest is getting blasted with torrential rains and flash floods. Finally, even though it is September and people are expecting cooler, less humid weather, it is quite the opposite. How can anyone deal with this long, hot, wet, and terrible weather? Ask your HVAC technician for help. They can help with most of the following.

AC Services

To keep cool, have the HVAC technician check your air conditioning. Most A/C units are not used to running long summers, such as the one most of the country is currently experiencing. The technician can make sure that the unit is fully equipped to run another month prior to shutting it off for winter.

To keep fires at bay, cover the entire condenser box with a flame retardant tarp or a homemade fire retardant spray. Spray only the exterior of the condenser box and the electric cabling. If you are going to use a fire retardant  tarp, make sure the tarp covers every square inch of the box and is tightly secured. If the wildfires hit, the air conditioner will remain intact, even if parts of your home are melted or singed.

To prevent damage from a hurricane, use a solid A/C cover over your unit. No water or debris can get inside when you use a solid cover. This is really important when flood waters from a hurricane are expected to rise above the height of your air conditioner.

Keep Your Unit Running on the Few Cool Days in Between the Hot, Sweaty Ones

September thus far has had a couple of cool days. While you may be tempted to turn off the air conditioning on those days, you should refrain from doing so when more hot and humid weather is predicted. Keeping the unit running on the cool days keeps your home at a steady temperature so that your A/C does not have to work so hard on the hot and humid days.

Have the Technician Make Repairs after the Fact

When all of this awful and awfully bizarre weather quiets down, have the HVAC technician return to check the condition of your air conditioner. If anything is damaged, they can write you an estimate for repairs. When the repairs needed are part of an overall damage report from fires and hurricanes, then you can give that estimate to  your homeowner's insurance.

Contact a service, like Allied Mechanical & Electrical, Inc., for more help.