How To Maintain Your Evaporator

Posted on: 29 May 2018


One of the most important tasks of your HVAC system is to remove moisture from the air that is circulated into your rooms. Conditioned air is really just air that has been cooled and the moisture removed from it. Dry air is cleaner, and it heats and cools rooms more efficient. So, even if your HVAC system is properly producing the right amounts of hot or cold air, it won't be as efficient as possible if the evaporator is not doing its part to remove moisture from the air. This is one reason that evaporator maintenance is so important. This article discusses how homeowners can take on a simple DIY project and clean the evaporator to ensure maximum air conditioning effectiveness.

Where is the Evaporator?

The evaporator is usually connected to the air handler. There is often a small box on top of the air handler where the evaporator can be found in. When you open up the door to this box, you will see the metal coils and pyramid shaped evaporator. This simple electrical component should be turned off before you work on it. Usually, this just means you need to hit the breaker switch to the air handler unit.

Cleaning the Evaporator Box

The two most common problem with the evaporator is that it will be either caked in dust, or ice. If it is covered in ice, you should turn it off and let it melt. If it is so cold that the ice is melting, you will need to use some sort of heating device to help melt it. Then, you can use a vacuum to remove dust from the coils. If you can see the coils, they will work better.

The Condensate Pipe

Another important part of the evaporator system is the condensate pipe. This is where moisture it is meant to drain out of the evaporator box. If the condensate pipe gets clogged with calcium or dust, then the moisture might stay inside the box, and cost problems with the evaporator. So, double check to make sure the condensate pipe is not blocked for clogged in anyway.

A well functioning evaporator is going to increase the quality of air that your HVAC system creates. It will also promote efficiency and ensure that your other appliances are productive. This is just one part of your HVAC system. Do you part to make sure that it works well and your other components will also benefit. Contact a heating contractor for more help.