2 Ways to Lower Your Cooling Bills

Posted on: 24 January 2017


Your cooling bills may be higher than you would like if you live in an area that gets very hot. Trying to keep your house to a temperature you like can end up being expensive. However, there are things that you can do that will help boost your air conditioner's cooling power while saving you money. 

Heavy Curtains

One thing you can do is hang some heavy curtains up over your windows. The heavy curtains will block out the sun, which will help to keep the sun's rays from heating up your house. Even if your windows only get sun part of the day, heat may be reflected up into your house in other ways. For example, if you have a blacktop driveway the sun could heat it up, and it could radiate heat into your house through windows even if the sun isn't shining right into your windows. That will cause your cooling bills to go higher. You can always switch the curtains out for lighter curtains in the winter so that you get more sun in your house if you wanted to.

Use Fans

While fans don't actually cool the air, they do get it moving, which can help you feel cooler. That means that you can set the AC's temp higher and still feel as cool. You can also use a fan to boost your air conditioner by setting it in front of a vent or a window air conditioner. That will let the fan take the cool air and boost it so it goes further in the house. You may also want to install ceiling fans. A ceiling fan can help make sure that the cool air gets circulated all through the room more evenly. If you get a reversible ceiling fan, you can use it in the winter to make sure that the heated air gets circulated evenly as well. Fans and ceiling fans tend to use less electricity than air conditioners do, so even with running the fans year 'round, you should still see some savings on your cooling bill over just turning your air conditioner on so that it's very cold. 

Any time you try to change the temperature it takes a lot of energy. That includes trying to cool your house down. There are things that you can do that will help keep your house cooler while still cutting your cooling bills and saving you money. For more information, contact a business such as A Bailey Plumbing.