Need A New AC? Problems You Can Avoid With Professional Installation

Posted on: 14 February 2023


If you need a new air conditioner, the best thing you can do is pay for the installation. If you're building your own home, you might think you can handle the installation of your AC as a DIY project. That's not the case though. You can encounter a lot of problems when you try to install your own air conditioning system. But, you might not discover those problems until you try to use your new air conditioner. If you still plan to install your own air conditioning system, read the list provided below. Here are three problems you can avoid when you have your new air conditioner installed by an HVAC contractor. 

Refrigerant Levels

If you've decided to install your own air conditioner, it's time to think about the refrigerant levels. The right refrigerant levels help your air conditioner run more efficiently. Too much refrigerant and your air conditioner can malfunction. Not enough refrigerant and your air conditioner can overheat. That's why you need to have an HVAC contractor install your new air conditioner. They'll make sure the system gets the right amount of refrigerant. 

Drainage System

When it comes to installing a new air conditioner, you've got to get the drainage right. Air conditioners generate a lot of moisture, especially when the weather gets humid. If you don't have a good drainage system, the moisture gets absorbed into your home.

Unfortunately, that can lead to wood and drywall rot. But, it also increases the spread of mold spores. Luckily, you can avoid those problems. You can have your air conditioner installed by an HVAC contractor. Your contractor will install the right drainage system for your new air conditioner. 


If you're installing an air conditioner in your new home, you'll also need to install a thermostat. But, before you can do that, you'll need to choose the right location. If you're like most people, you think the thermostat can go anywhere in the house.

That's not the case though. If you choose the wrong location for the thermostat, your air conditioner won't work right. You want to choose a location that's away from sunlight and drafts. To avoid confusion, hire a contractor to install your air conditioning system. That way, you know the thermostat is in the right spot. 

Do you need an air conditioner for your new home? Don't make mistakes with the installation. Hire an HVAC contractor to install your new AC. Contact a professional for more information about air conditioning installation