Avoid These 4 Air Conditioner Installation Mistakes

Posted on: 14 December 2022


If you have just bought an air conditioner for your home and want it installed, you must familiarize yourself with mistakes that can affect the system's efficiency. Besides purchasing the wrong air conditioner size and choosing the wrong location for the system, many other things can go wrong. Here is a list of some mistakes you should avoid. 

1. Incorrectly Positioned Thermostat

The air conditioner's thermostat has to be strategically positioned. If the thermostat is in the wrong position, you will experience temperature inconsistencies. Furthermore, the air conditioner will fail to work efficiently.

First, the thermostat should be out of direct sunlight. This is because sunlight can lead to temperature inaccuracies. As a result, your AC system will produce inaccurate temperatures throughout your home.

Additionally, ensure your thermostat is far from your doors and windows. This is because wind drafts may cause your AC unit to get the wrong temperature readings. Consequently, you will experience temperature inaccuracies. The best place for thermostats is in corridors, hallways, or secluded areas.

2. Overlong Refrigerant Pipes

Another mistake people make when installing air conditioners is using long refrigerant pipes. The refrigerant pipes connect the indoor and outdoor units to the central air conditioner. The AC system struggles to cool your house properly if the pipes are too long. This causes the compressor to work harder and increases your energy bills.

3. Uninsulated Refrigerant Lines

The refrigerant line connects outdoor and indoor components. Part of the refrigerant line is vulnerable during cool conditions. Therefore, you should make sure you insulate the refrigerant line to prevent it from freezing.

Freezing on the refrigerant line can lead to condensation issues and damage your air conditioner. You should use vapor-proof insulation for suction lines. When your technician is insulating refrigerant lines, check to ensure they don't leave any parts exposed. Poor insulation will affect your air conditioner's efficiency. 

4. Wrong Positioning of Vents

You need to install a duct system and vents when installing an AC system. The placement of vents affects the functionality of the AC unit. Choosing the wrong position for your vents will affect how you arrange furniture in your home. 

For example, placing a vent on the floor means you cannot place a chair in the same area. This is because vents shouldn't be covered up. Therefore, when installing your AC system, be careful how you draw up your plans. One of the best places to mount vents is on top of your walls because they won't infringe on other items in your home.

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