Being Prepared To Replace Your Furnace

Posted on: 23 November 2022


If you are looking at your options to improve the performance of your home's heating system, the option of installing a new unit can seem drastic, but it will be capable of providing the largest improvement. 

Replace The Furnace During The Late Summer Or Early Fall

By acting to replace the furnace before it suffers a complete failure, you can provide yourself with a greater degree of flexibility when it comes to scheduling this work. Ideally, a homeowner should look into scheduling their furnace replacement during the later summer or early fall. While the replacement process for a furnace will be relatively short, it can still leave the home without a source of heat for several hours. During the winter months, this could be more than enough time to allow the home's interior temperature to drop. By scheduling this work during the summer and early fall months, you may avoid this issue, and it can have the added benefit of providing more flexibility in the event that there is an unexpected issue that causes this project to take longer than expected.

Avoid Assuming An Electric Furnace Is Always Superior

It is common for homeowners to assume that electric furnaces will always be the best option due to their performance and ease of maintenance. However, this is not always the case given that these furnaces can actually have a higher operating cost than gas or oil furnaces. Furthermore, an electric furnace can face some reliability problems as these systems will be completely reliant on the power staying on. During heavy snow storms or other events that knock out power, a home with an electric furnace could completely lose the ability to generate heat.

Optimize The Area Where The Furnace Will Be Installed

The area where the furnace is going to be installed should be adequately prepared so that it will have enough room around it for the air to circulate. Furthermore, any flammable items should be placed at a safe distance from the furnace to reduce the risk of a fire occurring. Taking the time to prepare this area can be especially important when you are installing a larger furnace as it may require a much larger space than what your previous unit needed. Measuring the dimensions of the replacement furnace can be one simple step that can allow you to effectively anticipate the size of the area that will be needed to accommodate the furnace system that you have chosen for your house. 

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