Is It Time To Replace Your Heating System? Here Are Ways To Tell

Posted on: 15 April 2022


Generally, heating systems last a long time. But after years of continued use, you'll notice diminishing performance. Over time, the system experiences wear and tear, and its components lose their original vigor. Scheduling repairs with a heating professional can resolve some of these issues. However, recurring problems might necessitate a heating system replacement. This guide shares the signs indicating a need to replace your system. 

Signs of Aging as the System Comes to the End of Its Lifespan 

The length of time you have used your heating system significantly determines whether or not to replace it. Usually, an aged system experiences recurrent breakdowns, and the repair costs could spiral out of control if the issue isn't addressed in time. For this reason, it is more economically sensible to replace the unit than keep on fixing the old one.

Unusual Noises Coming From Your Heater

When functioning correctly, your heating system should produce a low humming noise. However, if the noise becomes louder than usual, an internal component could be failing. Call a heating professional to check for a leak in the ductwork if you hear a hissing noise. Such a leak reduces your heater's efficiency and increases energy bills. If you hear a clanking noise, some of the system's internal parts have begun to wear out or are loose.

Overly Frequent Thermostat Adjustments 

If you constantly change your thermostat setting to achieve optimal temperature, your heater is likely experiencing a hidden problem. And if some sections of your home are chilly and others warm, your furnace isn't distributing heat efficiently. Varying heat across different rooms is a sign that you should invest in a new heater.

High Increase in Energy Bill That You Can't Even Explain

Normally, you'll see a slight increase in heating energy usage in the winter; however, your energy bill shouldn't skyrocket. If you notice a sharp increase in your energy bill, you probably need to replace your heating system. So, call in an HVAC contractor to come and assess your appliance and probably recommend a heating replacement that meets your needs.

If you notice any of the signs mentioned above, it's best to replace your heating system. This will avoid unexpected failures down the road. Therefore, call a residential heating repair service to decide on a heating unit that effectively meets your needs. You will also get a quality installation to avoid heating system problems in the near future.