Is Your AC System Freezing Up In The Middle Of Summer? Repair Issues Capable Of Causing This Type Of Problem

Posted on: 25 August 2021


If you depend on your central air conditioning system to deal with the scorching heat of summer, as most families now do, it can be extremely frustrating to arrive home to a malfunctioning system and a hot, humid house. One of the most common reasons for this type of cooling failure is due to the AC system freezing up. Homeowners who experience this type of problem can use the following information to help them determine the issues that may be causing their home's air conditioning system to experience ice formation that impacts its ability to cool their home. 

Thermostat issues

The first potential repair issue that homeowners may face when finding ice on their home's air conditioning system components is a malfunctioning or improperly programmed thermostat. Icing can occur when the thermostat setting is set too low, causing the system to cycle on too frequently. If resetting the thermostat does not alleviate the problem, homeowners will want to have a new one installed as soon as possible. 

Refrigerant issues

Another common reason for air conditioning systems to freeze up is when refrigerant levels are too low, usually due to latent leaks in refrigerant lines or connections. To address this issue, homeowners will need to have refrigerant lines pressure tested for leaks and repaired or replaced before having more refrigerant added to their system. 

Blower fan and vent issues 

Another potential reason homeowners may experience icing or freezing issues with their central air conditioning systems is when the blower fan is not working properly or a problem exists with airflow from the vents inside the home. A blower fan that has become damaged and unable to produce the needed amount of airflow through the system can cause the system to cycle too frequently and freeze up. HVAC blower fans may stop working completely or begin to emit unusual sounds or smells when they are in need of repair or replacement. Blocked, closed or damaged vents can also result in restricted airflow and the formation of ice on the evaporator coils or refrigerant lines of a central air conditioning system. 

An air conditioning system that is freezing up is exhibiting symptoms of a serious problem that will only worsen with time. Homeowners who find evidence of icing on the components of their central air conditioning system will want to contact an AC repair contractor to diagnose and repair their system as soon as possible.