How to Prepare For an AC Installation

Posted on: 7 July 2021


AC systems come in various sizes and shapes, which makes the installation process not so straightforward. If all air conditioning units come in the same size and shape, the installation process wouldn't need any or much prior preparation. There are several factors you need to put in order before you have a professional install your new HVAC unit. 

If you already don't know how to prepare for an air conditioning installation already, you came to the right place for accurate answers. Below are some effective ways to prepare for your next HVAC unit installation.

Research First, Then Choose a Contractor

You can't compromise on the contractor's quality that will come to do the installation work for you. It's crucial to do due diligence before you settle for a particular contractor, as this will ensure you get the best installation services. Choosing the right contractor is so important that you should do it before even thinking of the type of air conditioner you want. Avoid choosing a contractor based on the price they ask for. If it's possible, move around and compare prices and weigh them against installation services offered so you can make an informed decision. 

Create Space for the AC System and Installation Work

It's easy to assume that the space in your backyard is enough to accommodate your incoming HVAC unit. However, many homeowners are always surprised to find out they need more space than they thought they needed. The best practice is to clear the area of any debris, clutter, and vegetation before the unit arrives if you're installing it outside. If you're installing the unit inside a room, you should clear off any obstacles that may hinder a smooth installation process. Move sucks, rugs, furniture, and other obstacles out of the way to create a clear path for easy movement.

Clean the Air Ducts

If you had an air conditioning unit using ducts to send air into various rooms in your house, you'd need to clean the ducts after uninstalling the old unit before you bring the new unit. Leaving it dirty could expose the new unit to dirt accumulated in the ducts for a long time. The dirt could eventually damage your new unit or lead to the release of low-quality air and affect air circulation into your rooms. You can also check if your contractor offers duct cleaning services as an additional service before you hire them to help with this task.

Contact air conditioning contractors to learn more about the installation process.