Info On And About Your HVAC

Posted on: 23 November 2020


If you think something may be going on with your air conditioning, then you may find some helpful information in this article that covers some air conditioning repair topics. Here are some of the things you may want to know regarding your HVAC: 

Different things can cause the cool air to stop 

Check the thermostat - Take a look at the thermostat and make sure the issue isn't something as simple as the unit being turned off without your knowledge. Pay attention to the display and if it is blank, then replace the batteries and see if this fixes the problem. Check the fuse box for a blown fuse. If there appears to be something wrong with the thermostat but the above tips haven't taken care of the issue, then call a technician. 

Check the condensation drain - Another thing that can cause the AC to shut off is a clogged condensation drain. The system is designed so that the unit will stop working when there is a clog so bigger problems don't arise, such as water damage to your home for example. If the drain is clogged, then you want someone to come unclog it for you and this will allow the unit to work freely again. 

Check the filter - If it has been a little while since the air filter was changed, then make sure it is still clean. If you can tell the system is trying to work, but the amount of cool air coming from the vents is limited, this can be the problem. If not, then a tech can determine the real issue and fix it. 

Many times it's best to repair a system instead of replacing it

If your HVAC system isn't very old and it needs a pretty big repair, it may still be best to have it repaired instead of replacing it. You need to discuss your options with the technician. If the repair will be significantly less than replacement and the technician feels the rest of the system is still in great shape and would continue working for a long time, then you likely want to have it repaired. 

Leaks don't just happen

If your system is low on refrigerant, then there is a leak that is going to need the attention of a technician. The design of the system makes it so the refrigerant won't go anywhere and the way it will end up getting low on it is if there is a leak somewhere that needs to be found and fixed.

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