Three Reasons Why Your Heating Repair May Not Be Completed In One Visit

Posted on: 27 January 2020


As with most things in life, you should develop some realistic expectations. Where your furnace is concerned, you can expect that at some point, the furnace will need a heating repair service. You should also realistically expect that your repairs may not be completed in one visit (even though most repairs are completed in one visit). Here are three reasons why the repairs may require a second visit from your HVAC repair technician. 

The Part or Parts Needed Are Not on the Technician's Truck

Repair technicians do their best to keep a wide variety of commonly needed furnace parts on their trucks. However, some of the more unusual parts, or parts that frequently run out during the course of the technician's workday, may not be on the technician's truck. The technician will either have to return later in the day, the following day or reschedule when he/she finally has the right parts.  

The Parts Have to Be Special-Ordered

Parts that have to be special-ordered will take up to two weeks to get, and then the technician will return to install these parts. Hopefully, your furnace is not in need of repair during the coldest days of the year, and you can find other ways to keep your house warm. Most of the time, the technician can get the parts sent directly to your home and attempt to have in-stock parts shipped in three days or less. As soon as the parts arrive, you can call the HVAC technician and have him/her return to install the parts. 

Your Furnace Is Too Old to Repair

Your technician will look at the furnace to see if it is possible to fix it. If you have a really old furnace, it may be too old to acquire the parts and repair it. In that case, the furnace will need to be replaced entirely, and the old furnace disposed of in a manner keeping with state and federal laws. Replacing the furnace will require a brand-new appointment and an all-day event to remove the old and bring in the new. 

Surviving Without Heat in the Meantime 

In the meantime, your technician will suggest some ways in which you can keep your house warm until the repairs, or the complete furnace replacement, have been completed. Usually, heating blankets, heating pads, and space heaters used during the day help. Space heaters should be turned off at night.