Upgrading Your Home With A New HVAC System

Posted on: 16 June 2019


Adding a new HVAC system to a home is a great way to improve the home's value as well as the comfort of those living in it. Despite the fact that most modern homes have HVAC systems, individuals will often not be very well informed about the types of considerations that need to go into making this type of an upgrade to a house.

Consider Putting The HVAC System On The Roof

One of the major challenges that homeowners will often face with adding a new HVAC system to the home will be determining where to put it. Placing this system on the roof can be an option for homeowners that may be limited in yard space for one of these systems. While an HVAC system will be heavy, it will be possible to sufficiently reinforce the roof so that it will be able to easily accommodate the weight of this system. This will allow you to enjoy the space efficiency of putting the system on the roof without having to risk structural damage.

Opt For Insulated Ducting

The ducting that will be connected to the central HVAC system will be another important component. Homeowners will often simply choose standard ducting without giving it much thought. However, this type of ductwork can be prone to developing leaks, and it may also be more vulnerable to convective heat gain or loss. Insulated ducting will be able to dramatically improve the performance of your system. Homeowners will frequently fail to consider insulated ducting due to assuming that it will be far more expensive. Yet, it will only cost marginally more, and this can be outweighed by the comfort enhancements and cost savings.

Be Aware Of Other Upgrades That Might Benefit Your New System

Adding a new HVAC system to your home can put some substantial strain on other parts of the home. This can be especially true of the electrical system as HVAC systems are notoriously energy-intensive. In addition to upgrading the wiring, you might also want to install fans on the interior ceiling of the home. This will improve the distribution of the air coming from the HVAC system. While this may not be a direct component of the HVAC system, it will dramatically improve its performance. For homeowners that are planning on placing their HVAC system on the ground outside their home, it will be necessary to install a paved platform. This will keep the system away from pooling water, dirt, and other potential sources of damage to the unit.

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