How To Maintain Your Condenser

Posted on: 2 October 2017


HVAC maintenance is a constant chore. That is, if you want to keep your system as efficient as possible, you have to be vigilant and make repairs before they become more problematic and expensive to fix. Of course, most maintenance jobs will need to be handled by licensed HVAC technicians, but there are quite a few simple things you can do yourself. Cleaning and maintaining your condenser unit is one vitally important job. This article explains the best way to safely maintain a residential condenser unit.

Shutting Down Your Condenser

Before you do any work on your condenser unit, you want to make sure it is safe to work on. Much of the maintenance can probably be done while the system is on, but it is better to be safe than sorry, so you might as well turn it off. Most condensers don't have a traditional power switch on the actual unit, so you need to find the breaker. Once there is no power supply to the unit, you should be able to handle any repair safely.

Why Clean Coils are So Important

The coil system is perhaps the most vital part of the condensing process. The coils are also the most vulnerable part of the unit because they are exposed to the elements. On most condenser units, the coils line the outside walls and they are only protected by a metal cage. This cage doesn't stop dirt, dust, leaves, and other debris from blowing into the coils and causing problems. Dirty coils will inevitably slow down the functioning of your system. The usual result is that the condenser has to work harder to produce airflow, causing your electricity bills to get larger every month.

How to Clean the Coils

You can easily clean the coils with a hose. You don't even need to remove the protective cage in order to effectively clean. If the dirt buildup is stubborn and does not wash out easily, try breaking it down by sprayed some all-purpose cleaner onto the surface. Let it soak in for a bit to break down the dirt. Then spray it out with water. You never need to scrub your coils with any devices. In fact, you should avoid doing this at all costs because it can bend the coils, causing even more serious problems.

A clean coil system is key to the functionality of your air conditioner. Simple cleaning and preventive measures can ensure that it is always working to its maximum capacity. Contact a company like Pell City Heating & Cooling Inc for more information and assistance.