Simple Strategies That Can Help You Save On Water, Heating, And Cooling Costs

Posted on: 14 October 2016


If you are like most people, you want to find ways to save money on bills. This is why it makes sense to take some time to look at everyday things you may be doing that are causing your utility bills to be higher. The following are some measures you can take to conserve water and reduce your heating and cooling costs. 

Heating and Cooling

- Ensure that you have an adjustable thermostat installed and that it is working properly. For example, if your air conditioning or heating never turns on or off despite it being set to a certain temperature, then the thermostat may be broken. If you need to replace your thermostat or want more control than an adjustable thermostat can offer, consider investing in a smart thermostat, which will enable you to turn your heat and air on from your smartphone. 

- Base your cooking options on the weather. Refrain from using your oven on hot days. This is because it will cause your home to be hotter, which will likely cause you to leave the air conditioning running. Opt for cooking on the grill outside. You can also cook on an indoor grill or opt for microwaveable meals. Sometimes cooking on the stovetop may also result in excess heat. Use the oven on cold days to get the advantage of the heat it produces.

- Consider upgrading your furnace and central AC unit to energy efficient models. An HVAC contractor can be used as a resource to determine if your systems are outdated and responsible for high heating and cooling costs. They can also determine if there are areas that are causing you lose heat or air. 

Water Conservation

- Get water leaks repaired as soon as possible. Even a slow drip from one faucet could cause you to waste gallons of water. Keep in mind that some leaks may not be obvious, which is why a plumber should be used as a resource for routine plumbing maintenance. Hidden leaks often are located in pipes. If you ever notice an unexplained hike in your water bill, it is likely due to a water leak if your rate has not changed.

- Be mindful of water usage when doing laundry. Aim to wash full loads, which will ensure that you are not wasting water. Another option would be to buy a washing machine that allows you to manually select the size of the load. There are some modern washers that can detect the weight of items in the machine and determine the amount of water to use for the load. 

- If you prefer to take showers, ensure that you have a low flow shower head installed. A plumber (like those at C B Lucas Heating & Air Conditioning) can inspect and determine whether yours is standard or low flow. They can also install a new low flow showerhead if needed.