How A Bad Heat Pump Leads To A Decreased Amount Of Warm Air

Posted on: 6 November 2015


It can be annoying when a central heating system stops producing a sufficient amount of warm air when it is cold in the house. If there is a visible flame lit in the pilot of your furnace, it is possible that the heating problem stems from malfunctioning heat pumps. Find out in this article what can go wrong with a heat pump that causes inefficient heat, and how much a new pump is estimated to cost.

How Can a Heat Pump Affect the Amount of Warm Air Produced?

A heat pump is a vital part of a central heating system, just like a furnace. The pump is used for getting rid of the cold air in your house and preventing it from interfering with the warm air that is created by the heating system. If it is warm outside, the heat pump can also bring in exterior warm air to increase the efficiency of the heat created by the furnace. 

A sudden lack of warm air in your home can be due to the heat pump needing maintenance for the removal of dirt. A heat pump is located on the outside of your house, so dirt can easily get trapped in it. Basically, dirt may possibly be trapped inside of the heat pump motor, causing it to function poorly. It is also possible that there is a lot of rust on the motor.

You will need a technician to access the heat pump to disassemble it and find out what the problem is. He or she may need to install a new motor.  Getting a heat pump motor can end up being an expensive repair. You may want to spend money on a new heat pump instead of a motor. It is in your best interest to get the heat pump inspected and repaired as soon as possible if you want good energy efficiency in your home.

What is the Estimated Price of a New Heat Pump?

Being that a central heating system uses a heat pump that is sufficient enough for the entire house, you should expect to pay a minimum of $2,000 plus for a new one. The condition of the ductwork in your house and the capacity of the heat pump will have an effect on the overall price. Talk to a contractor about inspecting and repairing your heat pump so you can enjoy a sufficient amount of heat in your house!