Ice Box Hero: 3 Food Service Profit-Killers And How The Right Walk In Freezer Soundly Defeats Them

Posted on: 16 October 2015


To survive in the food service business, you must be consistent and flexible. While these two traits seem to contradict one another, with the right freezer storage, it's possible to produce a predictable product and nimbly adapt to the challenges the world throws at your operations.

Walk in freezers help you prepare for market roller coasters in 3 key ways:

An ample walk in freezer is ready for surging crowds.

When people love your product, they can overwhelm your ability to take advantage of that love. Whether you run a restaurant or a wholesale operation, be prepared for peak sales with a walk in that can handle your increased storage needs.

Baking businesses should use their walk ins to store pre-made, unfrosted baked goods. Knowing you always have extra cakes, cookies, and brownies to decorate during holidays is reassuring and increases your sales. Walk in freezers are also great places to store large sacks of flour, butter, cream cheese, eggs, and other staples of baking so there's no interruption of production during key seasons.

When they have a proper walk in freezer, catering firms should prep their signature casseroles and other proteins weeks in advance of busy events, freeing up their kitchens for last-minute details.

Restaurants should order frozen artisan breads to offer greater variety to their guests. Purchasing flash-frozen seafood and fruit in their peak seasons when prices are at their lowest reduces your overall food costs and ensures you have your most important ingredients when you need them.

Backing up your walk in gives you protection from unpredictable power.

Weather-related power outages can cause thousands of dollars of your perishable ingredients to be spoiled. Avoid this issue by having a back-up source of power for your walk in.

One solution is to have a propane generator installed. Having a generator that automatically kicks on when the power goes out can also keep your restaurant in service no matter what's happening with the grid, since it will power lights, cooking equipment, and cash registers.

Be sure to have a qualified electrician help install generators to avoid sending power back to the grid, which would endanger any power company employees working on nearby lines.

Green-powered freezers protect you from increased power costs.

Energy costs fluctuate and can shave a lot off of your bottom line when rates go up significantly. You can lower your energy costs and help improve the environment by installing a solar-powered walk in freezer as other small food service providers are doing.

Your freezer suppliers will explain where and how to source refrigeration equipment powered via alternative energy sources. Your customers will feel good about purchasing your products when you make efforts to be sustainable, so it's a win-win for you and your loyal consumers.

Today's walk ins have superior energy efficiency, odor control, and temperature monitoring. Their capacity to safely store a large amount of ingredients will keep your food service business growing and profitable.