How To Improve Your AC System

Posted on: 13 October 2015


The problem with air conditioners is that they will eventually become less effective. However, this does not mean you need to run out and buy a new one as soon as you notice decreased performance. These expensive appliances are a major investment, so you should do what you can to repair your AC unit on your own. There are a few easy fixes that could instantly improve the effectiveness of your air conditioner.

Tightening Your Hose

The O-rings around the house that runs from the AC unit to the duct system can get loose at both ends. The hose will often be attached with O-rings only. In some cases though, there will be duct tape as well. There might even be just duct tape and no O-rings or clamps. When you run your air conditioner, you should check these points to see if you notice any leaking air. Air that escapes through these critical junctures is basically money escaping. Your best bet is to buy new O-rings to tighten the hose at both ends. Then, tape over the rings with duct tape. This should completely seal the hose and prevent any air leakage, improving your airflow and saving money at the same time.

Cleaning the Condenser Coils

Cleaning your condenser coils is a very important task. The coils are the sheets of aluminum ridges that line the outside walls of the air conditioner. They are usually covered by a protective metal crate. However, they can still get quite dirty. This can make the air conditioner less effective because it clogs the coil and prevents them from sucking in air. Cleaning the coils is quite simple if you have a hose nearby. Just unplug the power supply and spray down your unit with a strong stream of water. No need to use any cleaners.

Regularly Maintaining Your Ducts

The last thing your should do is always make sure your ducts are clean and free of clogs. You can clean the first few feet of any duct quite easily by removing the vent. You can reach deeper if you have a telescoping painter's pole. However, if you notice clogging deep inside your ducts, you will need to consult a professional, such as C & D Cooling & Heating Co. Cleaner ducts will lead to cleaner and healthier air being circulated around your home.

These three simple tasks could improve the functionality of your entire system: saving your money and prolonging the life of your air conditioner.