Commonly Asked Questions about Improving Your Business's Air Conditioning System

Posted on: 2 October 2015


In order for your business to be successful, it is important to ensure that your customers are comfortable while they are in your establishment. For this purpose, an air conditioning system can be an excellent way of ensuring that summertime heat does not cause your customers to be hot and sweaty while they are in your business. These systems can be remarkably energy intensive, but if you understand the answers to the following routine questions, you will find that you are far better prepared to handle temperature problems. 

How Do Ceiling Fans Improve Your Air Conditioning System's Efficiency?

If your building has ceiling fans, you may want to consider running them during this time of the year. It is possible for the hot air to collect around the ceiling and for the cold air to collect along the floor. These stagnant layers of air can dramatically lower the comfort inside your business, but the simple act of turning on your ceiling fans can help reduce this problem. 

When these fans are running, the air will be circulated so that the entire room is more evenly cooled. This can reduce the amount of work that your air conditioning system will need to do in order to keep the business comfortable. 

Why Should You Have Your Air Conditioning System Cleaned?

Having the outdoor air conditioning unit cleaned is an important but frequently overlooked aspect of maintaining these systems. However, cleaning these units can provide your business with a couple of important benefits. 

Over time, dust can gather inside the air conditioning unit, where it can impede airflow. Additionally, this dust can increase friction between the moving components of the air conditioner, and this can lower efficiency while increasing wear and tear. When you have these systems professionally cleaned, these threats will be neutralized because the contractor will remove any dust that may be inside the unit. This is done by disassembling the unit and cleaning each individual component. Having this type of work done can be somewhat expensive, but avoiding malfunctions and improving performance may make this more than worth it. 

Maintaining your business's air conditioning system is critical for ensuring that it avoids problems during the hot parts of the year and has the best energy efficiency possible. Realizing the important benefits provided by running ceiling fans and having the air conditioning unit professionally cleaned will help you to get the most from this critical system. 

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